Posted on: 16 May, 2018

Author: Steve Davis

This article is an eye opener and a reminder for you to seek the answers to the above-mentioned questions before making a final decision to join a School in Rishikesh.  Rishikesh has many Yoga Schools and ashrams which provide intense yoga teacher training program but not might be good and suit your requirements, so do your homework first. Joining a Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is an investment that could bequeath you with the spiritual enlightenment and power which you would carry whole life. Secondly, give you meaningful life with potentialities to earn and achieve. But before you think of landing in Rishikesh to join Yoga Teacher, there are few questions that you should contemplate on:  Is the Yoga Institute Registered with Yoga Alliance?  Though you can take the yoga classes anywhere but registered Yoga School is best for getting the kind of knowledge that is required to become a yoga teacher. Recently there are many Yoga alliance organizations in different countries, it is better to verify it in advance. The most popular one is Yoga Alliance, USA.    What is a learning environment and Facility in the School?  Now as there are many yoga institutes mushrooming in Rishikesh, it is difficult to find the best and right one. Check it out whether the School has all the facilities like the good yoga studio, accommodation, meals, and do they care about your safety and maintain rules and regulations.  Also, check whether the School provides pick and drop facility for you. Read the reviews about the School before joining it.  See if you are getting that peaceful environment that you have been aiming for.    The style of yoga they are teaching?  You need to check whether the School will be teaching the style of Yoga that you are aiming for.  To become a yoga teacher you also need to learn the basic alignments postures and then learn the sequence of postures of different yoga styles. Check out what is being taught in the different Schools and compare their programs. It is always best to select the training program that teaches adjustments, alignments and slow and dynamic moves. You should also be aware of the yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, and teaching methodology.  And moreover, you are getting the spiritual learning. Number of Students in the batches  You would get personalized teaching and care only if the students in the batch are less in number. Some of the schools keep on admitting the students even though they have less space. This creates chaos and lack of attention. Lesser the number more attention you will get.     You have decided to come to Rishikesh with a hope to gain maximum benefit from the Yoga Teacher Training School so do your homework.  Go through the websites of different schools, read about them and the programs they are offering and then join the School. Source: Free Articles from Steve is a professional Yoga Trainer working for Ekam Yogashala in Rishikesh, India. You can ask anything related to health and fitness.